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  • Victorian Terraced House Rear Extension – London N10

    In order to keep the character of the existing building, we designed a rear extension using the same, light bricks, focusing on the details to give character to our proposal. (more…)

  • Rear Extension – London N1

    This property houses a 6 person family. The project has three main purposes due to the various needs of the client.

    The aim of the project is to increase the living space for the large family.


  • Summer House – Totteridge N12

    This Summer House has been designed to be in a back garden of an existing property. (more…)

  • Interior Design – St Johns Wood

    RS Architects was appointed to provide an interior design service to this garden flat in St Johns Wood. (more…)

  • Vivian Avenue NW4

    The finalised scheme is a new 2 storey flat, which will fully utilise the large open plan space available. The design aims to enhance the current character and influence the surroundings with a modern, engaging property.

    The scheme is designed to provide privacy of the occupants; this is achieved by having small high level windows. These allow for maximum daylight to enter the internal spaces due to the angled nature of the window surrounds. In areas where privacy is not an issue, such as the front elevation, larger glazing will be utilised.