Our full service consultancy means we have the expertise to take your project from the seed of an idea to successful completion.
Whether you are a Developer planning a new-build or commercial space, the owner of a Grade I or II building or a homeowner
wishing to build an extension, we offer creative solutions that are both stylish and economical.


New Build</strong>
The design concept of each project is developed to meet, and indeed
exceed, the client brief. We focus on maximising space and designing
practical and contemporary buildings that people want to live in.
Advice is offered on the likely success of your project. We also provide
a realistic scope of works and projected
construction cost.

Listed buildings
We have experience of Grade I and II listed residential and commercial
buildings in London. The design process is carefully planned to minimise
unforeseen damage to our heritage.

Conservation areas
We have considerable expertise in working with buildings in conservation
areas in Greater London. Understanding the regulations in relation to this
type of architecture is an essential part of our service.

A great deal of attention is given to each project to retain its original
character whilst introducing contemporary new designs. The availability
of daylight is carefully considered so we can reduce energy use.

We focus on converting buildings intelligently and economically and to
make full use of the existing space.

We design extensions to ‘work’ with the original building. These may
be in keeping with existing style or offer a more contemporary approach
that enhances the building without looking out of place.


Architectural Drawings
Following a site visit, we interpret your brief and offer the best solutions.
We listen carefully to your priorities, and design concepts that are exciting,
achievable and cost-effective. Here we can develop initial ideas into great
blueprints and ultimately, great builds.

Building Surveys
We advise on the condition of the building and nature of the work required.
This can be at pre-purchase stage.

Planning Consent
We provide a realistic and economical architectural solution for each
individual project with a detailed time-frame and construction budget.

Building regulation applications
The extensive technical experience of our firm makes this stage rather
enjoyable. Details are considered carefully to comply with statutory
requirements as well as providing low energy building solutions.
Health and safety is designed and executed. We also offer design risk
assessment. Fire and acoustic regulations are complied with and costs
are calculated to provide a realistic construction process.

Interior design
Detail design makes a huge difference to the look of property and does
increase the value of the project. A creative, stylish design solution is
developed that’s appropriate for each project to improve the overall

Project Management
We offer and deliver a project management service. Stage by stage
detailed programmes and details are submitted weekly. The aim of
this process is to reduce the construction cost and minimise unforeseen
issues on site. We believe that this process reduces total construction

Party Wall Agreement
We offer a Party Wall Agreement service where we can produce a Party
Wall Notice, act as a Surveyor as well as produce a Party Wall Award if